Wiseway Pellet Stove

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Let Me Introduce Wiseway Pelletstove Inc

The 1st Non Electric certified pellet stove by Wiseway Pellet Stoves

Meets Washington EPA standards the toughest in the nation.

Natural draft non electric pellet stove.

Changing the way to burn pellets.

EPA certified at 1.9 grams per hr.

UL listed with a clearance 2" to rear

8" on each side.

Unit weight 130lbs

The efficiency rating 75% with BTU

Out put of 57,000 sq ft.

Capable of heating 1500 - 2000 sq ft.

Operate’s up to 31 hrs on low 12 hrs on high


 for more information


Contact Gene @ Smokey’s Stoves 541-660-0021 for dealership.


E - mail gene@grantspass.com


Shipped out of Medford Oregon call for shipping quotes


Wiseway Pellet Stove has just eliminated the three main complaints customers have against buying a conventional pellet stove.


1. Needs Electricity


2. They can be noisy


3. Mechanical issues


Wiseway Pellet Stove with its natural draft and gravity feed has eliminated all those objections.


We invite you to become more acquainted by visiting www.wisewaypelletstove.com and we look forward to correspondence in the future.


Gene Bradley